Vogelschutz an Glasfassaden

Every year more than 100 million birds die at large glass fronts of office buildings or barriers of bridges and motorways.   

The birds try to get to the world beyond the glass and do not see the panes of glass as an obstacle, with fatal results.

Many ornithologists have been concerned for years with solutions to this problem. The following solutions are recommended:

1. Visible foils and prints for industry and private consumers
2. Invisible bird silhouettes for industry and private consumers
3. Bird pen and bird screens for private consumers

1. Visible BirdSafe®-foils for industry and private homes

    Orange-black points                            Black points in lines

The patterns are produced as prints or as glass slides. The "Wiener Umweltanwaltschaft" has produced a number of recommendations in the experiments:
  • vertical stripes are more effective than horizontal stripes when the strips are wide enough and have sufficient contrast
  • The spacing of the strips should be at max 10-15cm.
  • horizontal strips must have considerably smaller distances in order to achieve the same effect.
  • Even a strip width of 5 mm has a very good effect.
  • The label must be applied to the outside of the window. On the inside, attached markings are obscured by reflections.
  • Transparent labels (matt films) are less effective than opaque markers. But this may be at a higher coverage (eg, to 25% of the covered window area) can be compensated.
  • White markings are not recommended, as do the spectral components of the environmental light reflected, which may reduce the contrast and thus the detectability of birds.

2. Invisible bird silhouettes for industry and private

NEW: Invisible raptor silhouettes



So far available raptor silhouettes are very obvious and ugly. Therefore silhouettes have been developed that are only visible under UV light. For human eyes silhouettes are not visible, but birds eye can perceive - a real innovation, you can order in our shop!

3. Bird pen and bird screens for private consumers

With this pen an additional layer can be applied to glass fronts, which birds can see.

The bird guard consists of a plastic grid, which can be fastened directly by means of suction cups on the outer side of the window.

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