Bird Protection Law Conformity Check 

  • Preliminary Ecological animal survey
  • Collection and evaluation of biotope and landscape features
  • Conservation legal Analysis for conservation projects, construction projects, etc. in road construction, wind energy, photovoltaics
  • Identification of mitigation and compensation measures


  • Management plans for Natura 2000 projects
  • Inventory data collection in bird areas (habitats, species)
  • Impact assessments when working on bird sanctuaries

Efficency review and monitoring

  • Effective control of bird protection measures
  • Monitoring of bird species
  • Monitoring of mitigation and compensation measures

Intervention and compensation measures

  • Ornithological construction supervision

Public relations 

  • Media Technical support of construction projects: Internet sites,
    brochures and CDs, designing information boards, training


  • Selective / complete coverage of bird habitat (qualitative and quantitative)
  • Radar technology and signal processing
  • Long-term studies

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