Bat Protection at wind turbines

Through the use of the sonar bats are very easy victims of wind turbines. For between sending the signal and flying through the rotor blades rotate them further, and so the risk of a collision is very high. They are also due to their low body weight and its large wing surface easily attracted by the pull of the turbine and dying from the effects of turbulence and the subsequent collision.

Since migrating bats are particularly affected by this problem, with the help of radar systems, the collision of the animals can be prevented by targeted stopping the systems.



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The data is collected through field observations and with the help of technical systems. These include, but are also bat detectors, radar and camera system. More on this topic can be found here.

Technical Solutions

VESPER - Vertical bird and bat radar

This radar system was specially developed for the identification and differentiation of bird and bat species. Based on the wing beat frequency, the system distinguishes birds, bats and insects. The system may stop falling below a safe limit, the wind turbine through a SCADA link.

MERLIN - Horizontal and Vertical radar

This radar system is composed of a horizontal and a vertical radar. Through the data collection and processing in the control unit, therefore, the size, speed and altitude of birds and bats are determined. This system also has a link with the SCADA system WKA is possible.


DTBird - Camera system

A camera system that is constantly directed upwards. You recognize birds and automatically activate the acoustic defense system or stops the wind turbine through the SCADA system, only if the bird falls below a minimum distance to the power line. Characterized the noise is reduced by the acoustic equipment to a minimum. Also, the habit of the birds on the signals can be effectively prevented.

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